COMUNICATO STAMPA - 21 Giugno 2013

Worldwide preview of the new audio diffusion technology Glauk at Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni n.1, Florence 20 June 2013

In the elegant setting of the Historic Residence Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni n.1 of Florence, the worldwide preview has taken place of the new technology Glauk, which in the near future will represent an authentic revolution in the world of sound diffusion.

Sound occurs naturally as vibrations and Glauk has succeeded in recreating the same frequencies and thereby managed to produce a uniquely vibrant and moving sound. This technology generates sound through the vibration of materials yet remains completely invisible and can be managed by any device.

Developing a concept of Alessandro Bollini, the founders of GLAUK, Simone Storai, Massimo Vegni and Riccardo Zappi, in three years of research and countless trials have succeeded in reproducing the “sound bubble” where the listener finds himself completely immersed in high-fidelity sound.

The chance to experience the Glauk product for the first time originated with the grand opening of a new space, the “Salotto”, located on the seventh floor of Antica Torre Tornabuoni. The space has been dubbed “Sound-immersion Salotto” as the sound diffusion devices have been invisibly integrated into the furnishings and will make possible special events in which music plays a vital role.

Antica Torre Tornabuoni n.1, is a Historic Residence of great elegance and unusual beauty, located in the heart of Florence, and offers breathtaking views of the city and the Arno.

The Luciano Pavarotti Foundation, represented by Dott.ssa Nicoletta Mantovani, has chosen to support this innovative project and the talents of the founders of Glauk. The splendid voice of tenor Ugo Tarquini, amplified in the new Salotto and on the two marvelous terraces of the Antica Torre, The Arno Terrace and the Duomo Terrace, greeted the invitees and proved a moving testament, making an unforgettable afternoon for all present.

For further information on Glauk and the “Sound-Immersion Salotto” contact Veronica Triolo -cell 346 7958972

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