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City Tours

Itinerary City Center and Duomo
We’ll lead you trough the heart if the history, tradition and culture of Florence starting from the Cathedral of S. Mary of the Flower (the Duomo), where the faith and knowledge of the population is still showed in the ancient clock, the authorities of the city had been portrayed in fresco and wooden paintings and the visitors can admire the gigantesque dome by Brunelleschi. In the Duomo square we can also admire the Giotto bell tower and the Baptistery with the doors of Paradise.
Then we’ll discover the buildings of the Guilds  and the church of Orsanmichele, one of the most important jewels of the late gothic period (late XIII century).
Florence still well conserves a unique place, the Davanzati palace, a luxury house build in the XIV century for a wealthy family of merchants.
After an amazing view of the city from the Old Bridge we’ll complete the tour in the political centre of Florence, the Signoria Square, still remembering the power of the ancient republic with the Signoria Palace, the Loggia and the statues commissioned for the Medici Grandukes.

Visits a Palazzo Vecchio
The Signoria Palace (or Old Palace) conserves many documents and traces of the different ages of the very ancient history of Florence. We’ll go trought the palace starting with the underground excavation of the roman theatre. Then we can see the apartments and big political halls built for the Priors (governors of the medieval republic), then the newer apartments added in the XVI century for the Medici dinasty . And finally we’ll climb up to the tower for a very emotional overview of the city center.

Itinerario Oltrarno
The area beyond the Arno river (Oltrarno) grew up around the Pitti Palace, a renaissance   building which became the mansion of the Medici Dinasty. We’ll visit the royal apartments (reaching also the original Kitchen), where we’ll have at disposal the most important painting collection after the Uffizi Gallery, with masterpieces of Raphael, Titian, Tintoretto, Rubens, Van Dyck…
The Oltrarno is also renowned for its still active artisan workshops and we’ll discover some of them.