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Rooms of art

Florence is an open-air museum, there’s art everywhere! And surrounded by this unique atmosphere we were inspired to decorate our rooms. We gave a lot of thought to our rooms creation, and they are carefully built one at a time, as normally happens in the family homes, as in a real palace with a history.

Every piece of furniture that does not come from the family or their ancestors has been made to measure with exclusive design by Florentine artisans as a legacy of a high craftsmanship. An exclusive design in which there is no “serial”, so everything is unique.

The heights of some rooms are gifts, greatness, and sumptuousness, while in others the ceilings tell the story of the roof terraces and beams, giving more intimate, involvement, almost collected atmospheres.

Florentine beauty

You meet the Tower through a typical Florentine entrance hall with unique ceiling heights, accessing a prestigious environment that corresponds in proportions and dimensions to the ideal of Florentine beauty.

At the Tower, the Florentine renaissance tradition is handed down and reinvented, inspired by the great painters such as Ghirlandaio, who painted the Tornabuoni Chapel of the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella. His works of art, as The wedding of St. John the Baptist, were the source of inspiration for the colors – green, brick red, sugar paper – in our property.

Our Deluxe Suite # 65, for example, is dedicated to the church of Santa Maria Novella. The wall decorations were inspired by the motif of the dress taken from a painting by Agnolo Gaddi, as well as the decorations in marble of the bathroom, inspired by Giotto’s Birth of the Virgin.

Everything in our property is inspired by the great Renaissance painters in both colors and motifs. The corridor of the 6th floor is the result of an intuition taken from a painting by Sassetta, as all the inspirations derive from the great masters: Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Simone Martini, Beato Angelico e Menni.

The suite #63 has the head of the bed representing Palazzo Davanzati, as well as the bathroom, which follows the same frescoes of Palazzo Davanzati’s bathroom.

In short, more than comfort, luxury and hospitality, the Tower offers an unforgettable experience: staying in a true masterpiece.

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