cena speciale san giovanni

Special dinner to celebrate the feast of St. John

The restaurant The Tower is the perfect spot to watch the St. John’s fireworks, not only for the breathtaking view from the terrace, but also because at the night of June 24th, there will be a special and irresistible menu to celebrate the patron of Florence. Check it out!

Finger Food Cocktail Menu


Italian Prosecco

Fruit Juice

Sparkling and Still Mineral Water


Finger Food

Mini Cesar salad

Focaccia filled with ham, mozzarella and tomato

Shot of spelt salad with vegetables and mozzarella

Caprese skewer seasoned with balsamic vinegar

Mini club sandwich

Mini burrito with guacamole sauce

Canapè of smoked salmon with cheese cream and surimi

Crispy chicken bites in spicy, sweet and sour sauce served with Kataifi pasta

Tuna tartare with pistachio and ginger

Shots of fava bean cream served with pecorino

Cold cuts Corner – Served with figs and melon lying on the cutting board:

Mortadella di Prato

Tuscan Prosciutto

Tuscan Salami


Colonnata lard


Cheese Corner – Served with mixed jellies and truffle honey

Fresh Tuscan Pecorino

Matured Tuscan Pecorino

Goat’s cheese from Alto Mugello


From the Bakery: Tuscan bread, homemade cantucci biscuits from Prato, cavallucci biscuits

from Siena




Lemon tart

Fresh fruit selection

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