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The Tower Restaurant: an autumn of tribute to the Tuscany territory

This autumn, our restaurant, The Tower, is bringing the season to the table in a tribute to the Tuscany territory through a riot of flavors: mushrooms, truffles and chestnuts. Here are the reasons why you should taste these delights:

Mushrooms: “the must” of the autumn recipes, they are not only delicious, but also healthy, because they are rich in protein, fiber and minerals and poor in sugar and fat. From the Alps to the Apennines, they are found in large quantities and, once verified the edibility, can be prepared differently, from oil to cooked in a pan. This fall, the collections in the woods were a record: 92% more precipitation than August average. And the best way to celebrate the good news is eating the dishes prepared by our chef with this exquisite ingredient.

Truffles: the most precious fruit of the earth, loved and sold all over the world. The precious jewel of the woods is abundant during autumn and this is the time when thousands of tartufaie (truffle hunters) beat paths, woods and hills, in the company of the powerful nose of truffle dogs, in search of the precious underground mushroom, meaning that this is the right time to eat this delicacy fresh and tasty.

Chestnuts: the autumn, without chestnut, is not autumn. The collection of this delicious high nutritious fruit is the protagonist of many culinary and traditional events that take place in Tuscany during fall, although the land that, for excellence, makes it more honorable is Mugello, homeland of Marrone PGI, an exclusive variety of this area, protected and awarded official recognition. The creations of our chef using the chestnuts will be a delight to your palate. Come and taste!

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