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The Tower staff: unique and special

Our staff is unique and very, very funny. In order to let you to know better this extraordinary team, we asked each of our employees to share with us who of the 7 dwarfs, according to them, they look alike. Can you guess who’s who in this big family?

The protective mother
This is how this person consider herself in her relationship with work colleagues. If she were one of the seven dwarfs, she would be the Doc, because she always tries to give an answer to all situations based on her experience.

The strict father
As he always grumbles, this person feels like being the Grumpy, for reasons more than obvious…

One of the many children
If he were one of the seven dwarfs, he would be the Dopey, since he is one of the last arrivals at Antica Torre. Or maybe the Sleepy, because, they say, sometimes he’s a bit distracted …

The little son
Arrived 3 months ago at Antica Torre, this person would be a mix of two dwarfs: Bashful, because of his shy character; and Dopey, because he is the youngest of the dwarfs and tries to take inspiration from others.

The stubborn son
This person says he always has everything under control. And as for the seven dwarfs, well, he crushed them all…

The obedient daughter
If she were one of the seven dwarfs, she would be Happy, because she always tries to think positive.

The darting son
There are two dwarfs representing this person: Bashful, because he often gets emotional; and Dopey, because sometimes he is naive rather than diplomatic.

Mother, father and children, all together
As much as she loves the seven dwarfs, this person finds it difficult to describe herself as one of them, because each one of them has a single main characteristic. She likes it best, when possible, not to throw fuel at the work fire and calm the moods after clarifying the issues at stake. 

Comments (3)

  1. Michelle Flabiano Reply

    Does Sebastian still work there at nights?? He was so helpful to me one night when I had a 3:45am pick up time. He was so kind.
    A great staff for sure. We are coming to stay again in 2019!!

  2. Edvige Coleman Reply

    The Tower Staff is a most cordial and professional one. They work harmoniously together and always treat their clients royally .
    My husband and I have spent a few monthly stays in one of the apartments and had the privilege of getting to know them well. We had the most fun identifying the characters .
    This family run Hotel is quite unique In creating the right balance between staff and management . This harmony is especially seen when the client is seating in one of the terraces having cocktails, dinner, or simply looking at the panoramic views of “”la bella Firenze “.
    We can’t wait for another return .
    Saluti cari,
    Edvige and William Coleman

  3. Don and Cindy Babel Reply

    My favorite place to stay in the world! The staff is exceptional and make you feel like you are a part of their special family! The views are incredible and my husband and I could sit and look forever-so peaceful and simply gorgeous! (And I love being just across the street from my favorite store, Ferragamo!) Wish I was there right now, but hope to visit soon! Thank you for making us feel so welcome and taking such good care of us!

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