Wellness Path in Antica Torre Tornabuoni

Visiting Florence is all about walking around this open-air museum, seeing, listening, learning… art is all around as well as history, and as pleasant as receiving all that information, it can also be tiring. That’s why we decided to offer to our guests a Wellness Path in Antica Torre Tornabuoni, so they can relax after touring around Florence and regain the energies to another day in town.

The room “set” of this secret hideaway where you can refocus on your energies and regenerate your body and soul is our Hammam Suite, equipped with a wellness area which includes chromotherapy, double jacuzzi, turkish bath for two and two loungers.

We took a lot of care in the products used for our treatments: for the facial treatments, for example, we use the products of the Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella. They are high quality products with selected raw materials, following, until today, the artisan procedures that belonged to the Dominican friars, who cultivated the hortus conclusus from the thirteenth century, which we find today in the garden adjacent to Villa Petraia on the hills of Florence.

All the products used in our treatments are paraben-free toilet milk rich in vegetable oils, with the fragrance of gardenia rose to cleanse and prepare your face, the water of rose centifolia with astringent and toning properties, and the water of astringent and lightening orange. The powder to whiten the meat is a historical product based on Ireos powder (Giaggiolo scented with almonds), which has a delicate exfoliating action to lighten and re-oxygenate your face and can also be used as a mask for impure skin. The fluid gel based on Aloe will give new vitality with its emollient and moisturizing action and can also be used as a soothing mask for delicate, red and irritated skin or as a day cream after treatment.

Would you like to live this experience? Here’s what the wellness path is all about!


Let your thoughts flow and abandon yourself to this path studied for the couple.
The enveloping, flowing, slow and deep maneuvers of the Californian Massage will accompany you like a harmonious choreography, the warm aromatic oil will favor the union of body, spirit and mind. This massage will give you immediate mental and physical wellbeing and will help you sleep better at night by promoting lymphatic circulation that will benefit your legs. After the body massage our attention will go on your tired feet, with a specific treatment: herbal gel scrub to refresh and gently exfoliate the skin and prepare your feet to receive the reflexology massage that will lighten them from the daily load. The goal will be to decongest inflammations and tensions that affect the well-being of your body.

Before the treatments we recommend a turkish bath to detox from impurities and prepare the body and mind to enjoy the benefits in total abandonment. Do not forget to take a cold shower at the end of your steam bath, as the alternation of temperature is essential for maximum benefit!

Warning: It is not recommended for those suffering from cardiovascular disorders. There are also contraindications for pregnant women or during the menstrual cycle and is strongly inadvisable for extremely nervous or agitated subjects. Especially indicated for those suffering from migraine.

100 minutes Recommended price € 160.00 per person


In our Hammam Suite you will find a peaceful hideaway where you can relax in a cozy atmosphere made of sweet scents that will envelop your body and your spirit with the Candle massage. A candle of refined shea butter with essential oil of wood and pink will heat up and bring hydration to your skin, while relaxing and medium pressure maneuvers will give relief and new vitality to your body, giving serenity to your soul. After the massage we will take care of your face with a moisturizing, illuminating and antismog treatment with the products of the Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella. If you choose this wellness route before resting for the night, your face mask Idralia Sleeping mask specific for tired and stressed skin will prepare you for a sweet rest. Your wellness path will be completed with a warm and fragrant bath with Pomegranate salts inside our Jacuzzi, where the chromotherapy in the water will be the setting for your ritual. You will bring with you all the benefits and inner calm you will enjoy during the hours of sleep and you will wake up full of new energy.

The Pomegranate is a concentrate of active substances, but above all antioxidants. The vitamin E, fatty acids, flavonoids, phytosterols and phytohormones are obtained from the pressing of its seeds that, which contribute to nourish our skin, restoring the levels of hyaluronic acid and counteracting free radicals. An elixir of youth for your skin!

100 minutes Recommended price € 200.00 per person


This specific wellness program takes inspiration by the symbol of Florence, the Iris. We propose a detoxifying Turkish bath for about 15/20 minutes and a body scrub with honey and sugar.
The gentle exfoliation of the sugar and honey will calm your thoughts. The Swedish massage will give you muscular relief, relaxation and toning thanks to its decontracting techniques. It can be slightly painful if you have contractures because the goal is to penetrate your body muscles and dissolve all your muscular stress with energetic maneuvers, sometimes very intense. After the body massage you will receive an illuminating and invigorating face treatment with the products of the Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, a facial treatment for him and her personalized, with a powder mask by Ireos (Giaggiolo) or an Aloe gel, depending on the type of skin. You will immerse yourself in a garden with the orange blossom water tonic and centifolia rose water. The aromatherapy combined with an invigorating face massage will help you release all the muscular tension.

120 minutes recommended price € 200.00 per person

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