A special breakfast: where our products come from

Our breakfast is unique, do you know why? In addition to our Sound Immersion Salotto, equipped with acoustic technology that allows the sound to be distributed evenly in all areas, in addition to the panorama of Florence, visible from the large windows or from the rooftop; our breakfast presents traditional delicacies prepared genuinely at the moment.

All dairy foods – from milk, to yogurt, with all the cheeses – offered at the buffet are produced by the historic Fattoria Il Palagiaccio. High quality items and km 0!

Bitter orange marmalades are purchased at the l’Antica Storica Spezieria del Monastero delle Monache Benedettine di Pistoia, where the original recipe for their unique jam is still used. Always careful to choose the 0 km products, the other BIO jams of our buffet are La Collina di Arturo.

The brioche and biscuits are produced by one of the best chocolate shops in Florence, combining 0 km and very high quality: the Cioccolateria Ballerini. The bread, as well as the grissini and the schiacciata, is bought by the Forno Michelangelo, in Florence.

One of our most special delicacies is the honeycomb: with incomparable taste, this wonder produced by Apicoltori sul Lago di Garda conquers all those who have the pleasure of tasting it.

Not to mention the high quality Amedei chocolate spread, km 0, made with very fine chocolates.

Everything else is prepared fresh every morning by the tireless hands of our irreplaceable: Adan, Delsy and Vanni; coordinated by a unique orchestra conductor, our Dandy.

A special feature: traditional feasts are served in all holidays or in preparations for Italian celebrations. For example, the Cenci for carnival, the pandoro for Christmas, the Colomba for Easter, the Pan di Ramerino on Holy Thursday etc.

And let’s not forget that each table is crowned with seasonal flowers that are always fresh, because the taste of the seasons does not only pass through the ingredients that change in our recipes, but also change the flowers, personally curated by Armida Cabutaje.

Would you like to taste our special breakfast? We are waiting for you!

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  1. Elyse Etling Dupuis Reply

    The most wonderful breakfast… you did not mention the amazing scrambled eggs that the lovely Nonna used to make. Wish I was there… see you again soon.
    Elyse Etling Dupuis

    1. Maria Rita Bellini Reply

      Dear Elyse, you are right: if you start the day with Maria Grazia’s scramble eggs, the sun will shine for the whole day!
      Grazie for your kind words.

      Maria Rita Bellini

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