istituto degli innocenti

600 years of the Istituto degli Innocenti

It all began in 1419, when the first building of Renaissance architecture began to be erected in Florence. The project of Filippo Brunelleschi, that of the Duomo, had a noble function: to house a place that would welcome children in need, the Istituto degli Inocenti.

First under the name of Spedale degli Inocenti (hospital of the innocents), the monumental complex has developed over the centuries due to the evolution of the activities carried out in favor of children and families. The initiative, unique in the world, bounds the extraordinary function of the building, which is helping those who will be the future, and high-quality architectural achievements.

The Istituto degli Innocenti, one of the oldest Italian public institutions responsible for child protection, celebrates its 600th anniversary in 2019 with a program of events, initiatives, exhibitions and conferences, among which:

September 7 – Inauguration of new spaces in Casa Madri and Festa della Rificolona

On Saturday 7 September the Cavalieri di Sant’Appiano will take care of a presentation and fundraising initiative. On the same day, there are open courtyards and laboratories for La Bottega dei ragazzi in collaboration with the Municipality of Florence and the association of the Compagnia della Festa della Rificolona.

Autumn 2019 – Immersive room

The immersive room, in the Grazzini Room, will project a 270 ° video in a continuous cycle that tells the story of the Institute, the evolution of rights and the forms of protection of children and adolescents. The video entitled “Istituto degli Innocenti, six hundred years of contemporaneity” will tell the story of this institution that over the centuries has always been an excellence in education and in the protection of less fortunate children and through its actions has always been at the forefront in the care of the little ones. Once the 600th anniversary celebrations have ended, the immersed room will find its permanent location within the museum itinerary.

12-13 December 2019 – Six hundred years of architecture for the place of children

Two days to tell how the six centuries of attention and care of children have shaped the place of the children of Piazza Santissima Annunziata to transform it into what it is today. It will be an opportunity to summarize the results of a study project created to describe the evolution of the monumental complex of the Innocents and the current activities of the institution.

To see all the initiatives for the 600th anniversary of the Istituto degli Innocenti, click here.

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