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Spring in Florence: The Rose Garden

It is never too soon to plan a trip to Florence and if your idea is to enjoy the city during spring, here is a good reason: visit The Rose Garden (Il Giardino delle Rose). It is opened all year, but as you can imagine, it is so much more beautiful in the season of the flowers.

Not only because the roses are fully blooming at this time of year – specially in May and June but also because the weather in Florence favors the tour during the spring. It is neither cold nor hot, and rainy days are rare. That is, there could be no better time!

If you’re not convinced yet, we have more reasons why you should consider visiting The Rose Garden. It is located below Piazzale Michelangelo, facing the city, which means that you will have an amazing panoramic view surrounded by the most beautiful roses you will ever see. Over 350 varieties!!!

In the garden you will also find other species, including lemon trees and a beautiful Japanese Garden, with small artificial lakes populated by carps. For those who search for art everywhere, the garden is also a great spot. There are 12 sculptures by Jean-Michel Folon, a Belgian artist, donated by his widow in 2011.

To arrive at The Rose Garden, you can climb up the steps from Piazza Piero Poggi (it is a little bit tiring, but totally worth it), visit the San Miniato al Monte Church and walk from there, take the 12 or 13 buses and go up with them… There are many ways to get there, choose the one that fits you best. No matter how, the important is to make this visit. You won’t regret it!

Per arrivare al Giardino delle Rose, puoi salire i gradini da Piazza Piero Poggi (è un po’ stancante, ma ne vale la pena), visitare la Abbazia di San Miniato al Monte… Ci sono molti modi per arrivarci, incluso un autista privato, quindi scegli quello più adatto a te. Non importa come, l’importante è visitare il giardino e non te ne pentirai!

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  1. Ron Reply

    Spring in Florence !

    “Yes, a new world surrounds us! Grateful now
    The cooling shelter of these evergreens.
    The tuneful murmur of this gurgling spring
    Once more revives us. In the morning wind
    The tender branches waver to and fro.
    The flowers look upwards from their lowly beds.
    And smile upon us with their childlike eves.
    The gardener, fearless grown, removes the roof
    That screen’d his citron and his orange trees,
    The azure dome of heaven above us rests:
    And, in the far horizon, from the hills
    The snow in balmy vapor melts away…”

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