Library Jr. Suite

The Library Jr. Suite: relax, luxury and reading

Did you know that besides all the luxury, warmth and history the Antica Torre Tornabuoni is also an inexhaustible source of reading?

Our two Library Suites are furnished with wall-to-wall libraries with period volumes and literature on Florence. And, as a plus, they offer views of via de’ Tornabuoni or the Arno.

One of the library was bought at an auction house and it was completely restored. Very dark and lugubrious it has been lacquered to lose all imperfections and gain a discreet, very unique and elegant color. The choice of light green in combination with the dark wood brought refinement to the furniture and made the book collection even more prominent.

The table inside one of the rooms is an exclusive piece, as it was designed by Angelica Frescobaldi who carried out the restoration of some rooms in our property, and to add even more style to the decoration, the family dormeuse was covered with linen fabric.

In total, there are only 2 Library Jr. Suites at Antica Torre Tornabuoni, on the 5th and the 6th floor of Palazzo Gianfigliazzi, respectively. The one on the 6th floor has a very symbolic headboard representing the facade of the church of Santa Croce, which is recalled by architectural details and design also through the “rose window” porthole on the bed.

The rooms offer spacious bathrooms in red Alcantara or white marble with bathtub and “rain” shower plus all the facilities to the best stay in Florence in its 35 square meters space.

Would you like to immerse yourself in a reading adventure inside a mid-thirteenth century’s palace? We are waiting for you!

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