Winter in Florence

10 reasons to visit Florence in February

People usually prefer to travel in the warmer months because they believe that warm season is more enjoyable. This is true if you want to enjoy the beach or the pool, but if you want to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world with no stress or sweat, the winter is perfect. Check out the 10 reasons to come to Florence in February!

1- The Weather

The low temperatures may seem a disadvantage, but they are your best friend walking around without getting tired and sweat. If you are lucky to get sunny days, even better. Low temperatures in the shadow and warming up under the sun.

2- No lines!

Florence is not crowded during the winter, which means that you can visit all the museums without staying hours in a line and, once inside, you won’t have to fight for a space to enjoy the artworks, because there will be no mass. As a plus, you will be in the heat.

3- Sales Season

In February the sale season is in full swing and you can get anything you want, from clothes to things for your home, for half price – or less!

4- Taste the hot chocolates and coffees around the city

There is no shortage of cafeterias in Florence and a great choice for cold days is to taste the various types of coffee offered, and, also the hot chocolates. There are options for all tastes, all delicious. Just walk around the city and be surprised.

5- Eat at the best restaurants

Do you know that restaurant you’ve always wanted to go but that were full until the next decade? Well, in the winter you may get a reservation! At this time of the year, the most famous restaurants are easily accessible. Even if you have to wait, it won’t be long.

6- Take a tour of the churches

In the hot months the Florentine churches get crowded and it’s hard to appreciate the architecture and artwork that adorn them. In the winter you will find peace and tranquility to observe anything you wish and even to pray in silence if you wish.

7- Visit the Duomo Complex

It takes courage to face the lines to visit the Duomo Complex during the spring and the summer, but in the winter it will be easy. There will be no crowd and the cold will be you ally to climb the 463 steps that will take you inside the dome and offer you an extraordinary view of Florence. While climbing, you will be able to admire Giorgio Vasari’s frescoes of the Last Judgment up close.

8- Ice skate on the longest rink in Europe

The longest ice rink in Europe is in the gardens of the Fortezza da Basso, and it will be opened until February 29. The 300-meter track path can be enjoyed every day, from 10am to 12pm.

9- Try the Tuscan ponce

Nothing better to warm up than a typical italian ponce. The Livornese recipe, with rum, coffee, lemon, cinnamon and sugar, can be found at almost all the cafeterias in Florence, always served hot in little glass mugs.

10- Enjoy the nights

As the days are shorter in the winter, enjoy the cold nights with a drink in one of the many bars of the city, go to a concert or the movies. Or simply leave the cold outside and stay warm and cozy in one of our suites with all the luxury and comfort that you deserve.

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