Magritte in Florence

Exhibition: Inside Magritte

The work of René Magritte, one of the masters of surrealism, is on show at the Cattedrale dell’Immagine a Santo Stefano al Ponte until March 1st. The multimedia exhibition “Inside Magritte” offers an experience between real and imaginary, a magical journey between the world of the dreams and the real life.

Curated by the Belgian art historian Julie Waseige, “Inside Magritte” is an itinerary in which the atmospheres and subjects of his paintings are the absolute protagonists, probably among the best known images of 20th century painting: men in bowler hat floating in the sky of the metropolis, the human bodies with the fish head, the famous, ambiguous, pipe.

The multisensory experiential path lasts about 50 minutes and invites the visitor to enter the surrealist universe through a narrative language combined with illusion: from the walls to the floor the images of the works will become a single flow of dreams, of forms fluid and dematerialized in evocative motifs of Magritte’s art, from the beginning to the last works.

For more information: www.insidemagritte.com.

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