Florence in August

5 reasons to visit Florence in August

Florence in August, is it a good idea? We say it is! Temperatures are high and there are many tourists in the city at this time of year (we won’t deny it), but we will prove to you that these two cons are outweighed by several other pros that make visiting the birthplace of the Renaissance worthwhile on this month. Here are the 5 reasons to visit Florence in August.

1- Gelato

Gelato is good all year round, but there is nothing better than refreshing yourself with this Italian delight, which many believe to be of Tuscan origin (and who are we to disagree?). The flavors are numerous, as many the gelaterias scattered around the city, and we challenge you to find a unique gelato that is not good in Florence. You won’t, because gelato and bad, in Florence, can’t be in the same sentence.

2- Pubs, concerts and movies under the stars

The nightlife in Florence in August is very busy. Several open-air pubs operate along the Arno, some with live music, others with DJs. There are also many open-air cinemas, one of them very trendy and free, in the outer courtyard of the Uffizi Gallery, called Apriti Cinema. We cannot forget the various concerts held in the squares and arenas not only in Florence but also in neighboring cities, such as Fiesole.

3- Extended evening hours at the museums

In August, many museums are offer special extended evening hours, until 10 pm! So you can enjoy the day walking around the city or even make a trip to a beach nearby and, once back, choose a museum to visit at night. Isn’t it nice?

4- Long days with no rain

As we just said, the days are longer in August – the sun comes down around 9 pm!!! – so you will have a lot of time to see Florence, walk around with no rush, have a meal with primo, secondo and dessert… And the best thing is that it hardly rains in Florence this time of the year, so you will always have blue sky and the best views of the city.

5- Sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo

Once in Florence, the Piazzale Michelangelo is a must. On sunny days, you will probably want to be there to watch the sunset. But if it is in August, you will see unimaginable colors in the sky which blend in an indescribable gradient and, little by little, give way to a sky full of stars that emerge in the dark of the night. Certainly, a vision that you will never forget.

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