grand deluxe room

Welcome to the Grand Deluxe Suites

We are gradually resuming normal life in Florence and it should not be long before the city can receive tourists again. This means that we can also open the doors to host you! So, why not start dreaming now about your stay?

We have several types of rooms, but today we would like to suggest the Grand Deluxe rooms. They are located on the 5th floor of the Tower, therefore on the highest one, and are very exclusive, as there are only two of them.

Regarding the decoration, it recalls the magnificent decor of the Florentine tower houses of the past and one of them can be connected to two Deluxe and a Classic Suite, which means that they can also be considered as connecting rooms, a great choice for those who are coming to Florence with the family.

As a plus, you can have the exclusive jasmine-perfumed private terraces and sweeping views of Monte Morello and the Appenines or the Duomo, characterize these splendid rooms in the Medieval Tower.

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