covid safety measures

With open doors, in complete safety

The time has finally come to reopen our doors to welcome our dear guests. The opening is been programmed since the beginning of the quarantine to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone during their stay with us. After everything we have lived in Italy and Florence, there is nothing more precious than people’s health and, for this reason, we are putting the following measures into practice today:

AIR CONDITIONING: To avoid risks the spread of the virus through the air conditioning systems, we will double the sanitation frequency of the filters in the air-conditioners of common areas and rooms, which will be sanitized at each check-in.

DISPENSER: In each area of the property, dispensers will be available to customers and collaborators to dispense hand-sanitizing gel.

SAFETY DEVICES: Safety devices such as masks, gloves and hand-sanitizing gel will be available to all guests and contact personnel.

SAFETY MANAGER: The staff is under constant medical control and we have appointed a figure responsible for the constant control of the implementation of the procedures in terms of guests and staff safety. The staff will access the property controlled by a thermoscanner for temperature detection.

ROOMS: We will intensify the sanitation procedures (with particular attention to the items frequently touched) and we will integrate air-conditioning sanitation with portable equipment, using hydrogen peroxide (nebulization of germ-killer).

TRAINING: All our staff is trained following the WHO directives so that they can safely perform the assigned tasks.


THE TOWER PROPERTY: The property has the advantage of being spread out on 8 floors which has always guaranteed guests maximum privacy and where it is easy to maintain distance.

COMMON AREAS: We will guarantee social distancing by reducing the occupancy level of our hotel (-30%).

RESTAURANT THE TOWER: We will guarantee a distance of more than 13 feet among tables in all our restaurant (all outdoor because it’s on the roof top terrace) and reservation will be mandatory to be compliant with number restrictions. It will be possible to book the restaurants menu in the rooms and suites.

INVISIBLE CHECK IN: Check-ins are arranged in advance so we will need to collect upon your arrival a copy of your passports and credit card. You and your bags are whisked directly to your room.

INVISIBLE CHECK OUT: Check-outs can be arranged in advance so we will send you a copy of your bill in the early morning and we will charge it on your credit card.

We can’t wait to have you stay with us! Hope to see you soon.

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  1. Jack Reisbeck Reply

    Will you still have colazione??

    1. Antica Torre Reply

      Yes, we will have colazione, but in the rooms. And it will be a la carte for now.

  2. Rowland Schlegel Reply

    Understand that the tower restaurant will be open with reservations. And also the bar? In the elevators, will guests self-regulate? We do hope to visit in the fall, or next spring — we miss you, and beautiful Firenze!

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