pandemic is over

Italy overcame the pandemic. Come and visit!

Do you remember that we said that everything would be ok? Well, this moment has finally arrived! The situation in Italy, regarding covid-19 pandemic, is absolutely controlled and little by little everything is returning to the “new normal”, that is, the country resumes its activities respecting all anti-covid security rules (you can check the weekly monitoring report of the Health Ministry here. Just to get an idea of the current situation, yesterday, July 14, in Tuscany there were four new cases, three deaths and 25 recovered.

It is a great emotion for us to finally be able to say that we have overcome the pandemic. And we want to share with you this video, made with great care, to say that the beauty of Florence is waiting for you, just like us.

Come to Florence and stay in Tower! It will be a great pleasure to have you with us.

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  1. Frank DiStefano Reply


    We’ve had such great memories and visits to your wonderful hotel over the years and remember it fondly. The friendly, conscientious and efficient staff, the beautiful rooms, plus the incomparable views from the spectacular terraces made for the perfect visit to your most singular city. Would love to return one day when things get back to normal, especially in the United States, something that will probably take quite some time. Till that time, warm regards. Frank DiStefano and Bernard Wolff

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