Autumn in Florence: what to do

Oh, the autumn! The season of the most beautiful colors, the most delicate nuances, the mild temperatures and the paths full of dry leaves that symbolize the renovation that we need so much in this period post-covid. It is certainly the most poetic season of the year and, when it comes to Florence, it touches emotions even more. If the city is beautiful in any circumstance, with the colors of autumn it is simply splendid!

One of the highlights of this time of year, which starts in September and runs through December, are the city’s parks. As we have already said here, there are many options to visit, where you can enjoy the landscape so characteristic of the season and see up close how nature behaves in the period between summer and winter.

Another beauty of the Florentine autumn is that the hot days are over. After three months of long hot days, the city wakes up chilly and warms up throughout the day, neither too much nor too little, in the right measure to walk around the city without feeling cold or hot. It may rain, we must say, but in a light way, nothing that gets in the way of the tour.

On rainy or cloudy days, you can take the opportunity to visit the city’s museums (check here the must-see exhibits we have selected for you). You can also stop at one of the many cafés in the city to taste the traditional cappuccino, or even an espresso.


Food and drink

The autumn also makes room for tasting typical seasonal foods, always accompanied by a good glass of wine to harmonize. The roasted chestnuts, the mushrooms and the truffles are the main delicacies of this time of year and you cannot fail to try the recipes that take these ingredients. For example, the necci, which are simple pancakes made from chestnut flour, normally served Nutella and melted ricotta. So simple and so delicious!

We would like to remind you that our restaurant The Tower serves the best that our region has on offer, using exclusively locally sourced products. Our menu tells a story or better it exposes Florence’s soul through the most traditional recipes, prepared by the talented hands of our chef. So, during your stay, have dinner with us. You won’t regret it.

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