Lonely Planet "Best in Travel 2021"

Florence: the only Italian city in the Lonely Planet “Best in Travel 2021”

We all know that Florence is one of the most beautiful city in the world (THE MOST BEAUTIFUL in our opinion), but it is always good to have the recognition for its qualities, especially if this recognition comes from a renowned guide as the Lonely Planet.

Actually, Florence is the only Italian city in the Lonely Planet ‘Best in Travel 2021’ ranking, for two categories. The Tuscan capital has in fact won the double recognition for ‘sustainability’ and ‘community’ in the most awaited and famous travel chart in the world.


For the “Sustainability” category, the award went to ‘Le vie di Dante‘, the spiritual journey in the footsteps of the Supreme Poet. Why? Because the itinerary is considered by Lonely Planet as a “magnificent example of slow travel that winds from his tomb in Ravenna to his birthplace in Florence”.

But “Le Vie di Dante” are not the only green tour worth your attention. The Florentine gardens are many, each of them with its own enchant. The Lonely Planet advices the discovering of the city lesser-known gardens as the Botanical, which once was the place to grow the medicinal plants at the time of the Medici and today is a calm, quiet and very cool refuge in town.


The winner of the ‘Community’ category was “Girl in Florence“, the Georgette Jupe’s blog. According to the Lonely Planet, the Girl in Florence “offers travelers a deeper link with the most important city in Italy from a cultural point of view, seen through the eyes of local artists and artisans, independent shops and foreign residents “.

This recognition only shows that Florence is on the right path, taking care of important aspects such as sustainability and encouraging the local community. We are very proud of our city and look forward to sharing its beauty and charm with you.

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