Michelangelo’s David has a message for you

In April of this year, during the Pandemic, we prepared this video to bring hope to our customers, also to ourselves. We believe now is a good time to share this video with you, along with a message from our General Manager Maria Rita Bellini:

“I would like to tell something about this video shot during the pandemic and I think I can only do it now, because the first few times I looked at it, I could only get emotional …

Emotional about looking at those images, so full of meanings, full of our daily life, of the small gestures that accompanied us every day until before the pandemic.

It was nice to be able to see the beauty of small gestures, the love in the care of our work, the attention to details that give the warmth of hospitality.

We missed all this, because hosting means exactly opening the doors of your home and offering the best we can offer, from towels that smell of soap and the wind that dried them, to perfectly ironed sheets, to the scent of cakes baked in the early morning that spreads up the stairs of the Tower, to the essence of beeswax to polish the parquet of the rooms, to genuine smiles when a guest manages to call us by name.

All this is our essence. All this is the elegance of hospitality.

All this is history, of the Tower, of Florence, of our lives, of our guests.”

When the pandemic is over, we will be waiting for you.


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  1. Nancy Leonard Reply

    It is wonderful to receive a reminder of Florence, of Antica Torre and the beautiful times spent there. Thank you for going to the trouble! We will come as soon as it’s safe.

    Nancy Leonard
    Rhinebeck, New York

    1. Maria Rita Bellini Reply

      Dear Nancy,
      thank you so much for your kind words! When everybody will be safe to travel, we will wait with open arms in our beloved city.

      Maria Rita Bellini
      General Manager
      Antica Torre Tornabuoni

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