Recipe: Vanilla Bavarese with mango and passion fruit sauce

When we think of the Bavarese dessert, Bavaria, the region of southern Germany where the recipe would have appeared, immediately comes to mind. But this is not true. Indeed, the Bavarese has appeared in French patisseries! The dessert made from milk, sugar, eggs, fresh cream and jam was first prepared in 19th-century France, but quickly spread across the continent through its famous chefs and master pastry chefs, often invited to sweeten banquets in every court of Europe.

Obviously, in each country, the Bavarese got original versions, more suited to the local taste and, also to the climate. Our chef Carlos Curasma, for example, has created the Vanilla Bavarese with mango and passion fruit sauce, a dessert with a refreshing touch, perfect for the Florentine summer. Below, we share the recipe with you.

Vanilla Bavarese with mango and passion fruit sauce

Ingredients for 6/8 people:

-250 ml of whole milk

-0,13 lb of granulated sugar

-4 eggs (yolks only)

-0,026 lb of gelatin in sheets

-300 ml of fresh cream for desserts

-1 vanilla bean

For the sauce, remove the flesh from the mango and blend with the passion fruit.

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