Restoration Antica Torre Tornabuoni

The Antica Torre Tornabuoni has a new facade

The Palazzo Gianfigliazzi, headquarter of the Antica Torre Tornabuoni, has gained new splendor thanks to the facade restoration work that has involved the building in recent months. As it is a property safeguarded by Fine Arts, its maintenance confers prestige to the city, since Florence is the city of great museums, art galleries and international exhibitions, but the beauty of our city resides above all in the buildings that decorate and furnish it.

Anyone passing Via Tornabuoni recently must have noticed the fences in front of our property that, for a period, hid the beauty of the building. This process is part of the architectural restoration of historic buildings, which guarantees not only the conservation of the architectural work, but also its valorization and durability, meaning that it can continue to be used safely without losing its historical heritage.

The process is complex and involves several steps: historical analysis, construction techniques analysis, decay analysis and the restoration project itself, which also consists of identifying the intended use of the building, which, in our case, would not change.

It is as if the building were a painting, which needs to be analyzed with great care, handled with caution and meticulousness to carry out the restoration, preserving its original characteristics and preserving its history. That’s what was done on our property.

It is said that Florence is an open-air museum, and we couldn’t agree more. Every building in this city is a work of art and we are very proud to be part of this historic heritage and to take care of every brick of the Palazzo Gianfigliazzi to keep it always alive, protected, and with its history preserved.

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  1. George Vosburgh Reply

    Bellissimo! Bravo!

  2. Jason Parrish Reply

    Great job! Still looks original and beautiful. We cannot wait to return in the near future.

  3. Michelle Flabiano Reply

    We cannot wait to come back to Firenze and stay at your beautiful hotel!!

  4. Jack Reisbeck Reply

    See you today!!

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