The Tower Restaurant draws inspiration solely from Florence.

Nestled between the 13th century merlons and surrounded only by the colours of an unrivaled city is where you will find our restaurant, The Tower, located in our winter garden during the cold season and under the stars on mild summer evenings. We are right in the heart of Florence, but you’ll feel like you are in a timeless place, maybe it is, while in the distance you can hear music from the streets and the crickets singing.

Our restaurant serves the best that our region has on offer, using exclusively locally sourced products; fresh fish from the gulf of Follonica, Chianina meat and saffron which is still hand picked by established farms such as Palagiaccio. Our menu tells a story or better it exposes Florence’s soul through the most traditional recipes, prepared by the talented hands of our chef, Carlos Eduardo Curasma.

“The mystery of the Florentine rooftop is this: together with the Cupola, it is virtually a sacrament which mirrors
and diffuses beauty, purity and heavily peace!”

Giorgio La Pira