Sound Immersion Breakfast: AN IMMERSIVE MUSIC

Every morning you will enjoy our buffet breakfast comfortably seated in our Sound Immersion Salotto, a newly inaugurated salon boasting the most exclusive sound technology providing a unique auditive perception that will help you start your day in the most pleasant way. By looking out the large windows, or sitting on the outside deck, you will be captivated by the amazing views over the Arno river and the surrounding hills.
We offers – on Richard Ginori porcelain – a breakfast buffet with delights of Mediterranean and American tradition; and every dish is prepared fresh at the moment.
Our Sound Immersion Salotto is the perfect union of the past and the avantgarde. The fine furniture and precious paintings on the walls adorned with wainscoting and paneling evoke old memories, while the innovative technology designed and produced by Glauk and installed here first, will give you high quality sound anywhere you are in the room.