flowers at the tower

Flowers at the Tower: color and soul to our property

All of us, at Antica Torre Tornabuoni, love the flowers and take good care of them. Our affection for them is such that we ensure that they are always fresh and cared for by the owners’ family, and also by Armida Cabutaje, who works with us.

The flowers at Antica Torre are seasonal and give us unique blooms. Every time of the year there’s always new colors to see, new smells to feel, new beauty to look. Last autumn, for example, we planted amazing roses, that blossomed in this spring and made our terraces even more spectacular.

Beyond their beauty, we like to think the flowers shows us that everything can change, that if taken care, everything in life can blossom. For us, the flowers represent the promise of a new and better future, full of happiness and hope.

And the birds, butterflies and bees that visit our terraces to nurture themselves with the pollen they provide would certainly agree that everything gets better and tasty with flowers all around.

We invite you to visit us and see for yourself all the beauty and joy our flowers bring not only to our terraces but to the whole property – yes, they are everywhere around Antica Torre, even in the paintings in our breakfast room ?

And once here, grab a snack and have a drink prepared by our welcoming bartenders. And since now the days are longer, enjoy dinning outside, with the natural sunlight. Choose one of the delights of our restaurant The Tower and admire the incomparable view that our terraces offer of Florence with the best company: our marvelous flowers.

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